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   On February 22, 2006, we had 17 people meet to discuss establishing a new Christian Church in West Paulding County. A vote to form a new church to spread God's word and win souls to Christ was taken and passed.  Floyd Manning agreed to serve as our volunteer preacher.   A building was located at 255 E. Memorial Drive in Dallas, GA.

   During the meeting on February 26, 2006, a vote was taken to name the church Westside Christian Church.  A collection of seed money was taken and $5,500.00 was collected. We had items donated to us from the Acworth Christian Church and a piano was donated from Melvin Dokey.  Jay Shumpert was to build a lectern.  Later, in March of 2007, North DeKalb Christian Church donated a Communion Table and chairs, storage cabinets, candle holders, lecture stands and many other items.  In November, 2007, we had a sound system donated from the Branchville Christian Church.

   A mini-service was held on Sunday evening, March 5, 2006.  We had 21 people to attend that 1st service.  Guy Swanner led the singing and Floyd Manning brought the message.  Communion was served for the 1st time as a new church family.

   For the next few weeks, the times and days for services were decided, volunteers were appointed for the different positions, bulletins were prepared, insurance was purchased and ads were posted.

   On Sunday, March 12, 2006, Westside Christian Church had its first official Sunday Morning Worship.  There were 45 people in attendance.  Jera Shumpert lead the song service, Ken Tyner played the piano and Floyd Manning had the message. Marice Wills taught children's church.   Our 1st Sunday School teachers were Bob Posey for the Adult class and Claudia Shumpert for the Middle School class.

   Sunday, April 9th, 2006, was designated as Charter Signing Day.  There were 43 people in all who signed the Charter within a couple of weeks. Trustees were elected.  They were Floyd Manning, Johnny Manning and Billy Renfroe. The By-Laws were ratified with a vote of 100 percent.

   On May 21, 2006, Gary Boyd agreed to serve as interim minister on a monthly basis.

   We agreed to have a Missions Committee and allot 10% of the church offerings for this. Abby and Pete Dockery from Casas por Cristo became our 1st missionaries.  Then a food pantry was established in November.  In January 2007, the Sunbelt Youth Ranch was added.

   November, 2006, we had our 1st Fall Festival with cookies, cake, hot dogs, chips, and drinks.  Bags of goodies were given to the children and a jumping platform was rented.

   For the first Thanksgiving Dinner as a church family, we met at Ryans for Dinner on November 18th.

   Sunday, December 24, 2006, our first Candle Light Service was held.  Jera, Gina, Jana and Jake Shumpert were the worship leaders.

    A great celebration was held on Sunday, February 18, 2007, when we had our 1st baptism.

    There was 56 people in attendance for our 1st Anniversary celebration.  Gary Boyd delivered the message and Rose Boyd was the pianist.  Special music was provided for by the Green boys and their Grandmother, Evelyn Hardy and Guy Swanner.  A fellowship dinner was had afterwards.

   We had an average of 50 people in attendance for our 1st VBS program.  A puppet stage was made by Jimmy Manning. The collection of $250.50 was given to our missionary, Abby Dockery.

   Gary and Rose Boyd left us in July of 2007.  We had several people to fill the pulpit in the next few weeks, while our pulpit committee searched for another minister.  On February 17, 2008, Larry Musick was elected as Interim Minister.

   We relocated to 300 WI Blvd, Dallas, GA, in September of 2008.  We actively searched for property to purchase and on June 28, 2009,  the congregation voted on the 8 acres of land.

   Our first election of Elders and Deacons was held on December 18, 2011.  Floyd Manning, Johnny Manning, Jay Shumpert, and Ken Tyner became our first Elders.  Deacons were Jimmy Manning, Murray Manning, and Jera Shumpert.  In December of 2014, Floyd Manning and Billy Renfroe became Honorary Elders.

   On the 15th of April, 2016, we purchased the property on 745 Morris Rd in Hiram, GA.  The first church service was held on Sunday, May 14, 2016.

   Gene became our first full-time minister in June, 2016.  Gene, his wife Wanda, and son Michael made it official by joining our congregation on September 11, 2016.

   We held our first Fall Festival and Open house in our new building on October 29, 2016. We had hot dogs, chips, cookies and the church provided a jump castle for the children.

   Our first newsletter, "The Beacon" was published.  Gina Shumpert will publish it on a regular basis.

   We had a Community Outreach Program in July of 2017.  Every Wednesday in July, lunch was served, a devotion given and a prayer for the food.  We had 30 children and parents participating.

On the 22nd of July, we gave out school supplies to 32 children.

   The property in Dallas, GA was sold July 7, 2017.  The money was deposited in an interest baring account at American Commerce Bank in Breman, GA., until we need it to finance a fellowship building and classrooms.

   June 17, 2018, we had our first baptism in our new baptistry.




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